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Mobile app prototype to Shape your idea for creating history.

We have created multiple application models from scratch through interactive mobile app prototyping. We do not just simply design it for you, we create the best possible operational process for your app to elevate your revenue.


  • Rapid mobile app prototyping to create an working model of your application.
  • Easily estimate the time and investment.
  • An interactive prototype is always better than a described system for inventor pitch
  • Plus, it’s better to work out issues in this stage than later down the road.
  • Support for the development and final mobile application designing.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A mobile app prototype is the first model of your app that shows the actual plan of the app operations. A high fidelity mobile app prototype includes the final design of your proposed application as well as it gives a clear view of the placement of components or features throughout your app. An interactive app prototype helps the users to go through the app screens one by one as the final app.

You should be sure enough about the mobile application design along with its functional flow before you start developing your application. Changes or corrections in between the development phase of your app will increase the time and the development cost. To get the assurance on the uniqueness of your app design and flow, it is an utmost requirement to create a mobile app prototype of your proposed application by an expert before you start the development of the app.

It can also help you in raising funds to support the development and further planning. Also, the mobile app prototype is very much helpful for designing the modifications and extra features as it does not require to touch the developed app for doing so. You can also share the prototype with colleagues for there feedback.

Let’s assume to complete the coding for mobile application design and development, the developers need 60 days(approx.) of time. And you are being charged $30-$40(approx.) per day for the development. After seeing the final app if you want to do some major modifications or design changes and even if it requires a minimum of two weeks or 15 days, then you have to pay $450 to $600 extra on top of the development cost. Even for small fixes, your development time and cost both can increase. But if you build a prototype before the final development, then you can easily add all the modifications and can get others’ feedback. Once you are assured about your app design then you can go for the development.

Commonly, by saying an app, we understand mobile applications. However, an app could be a mobile application/a web application or any other applications which can be used online or can be download from an online platform to the smart devices like Desktops, TVs, watches, Tabs, etc. We mostly focus in designing mobile applications for businesses. However, we also have experience in designing prototypes for web applications and other apps too.


Again, the cost for the development of a mobile app prototype is directly related to the volume of work required to design the features and functions throughout the app screens. However, the cost to design an app prototype with Beginit4u is very less than the cost required for developing the final application. All the modifications and corrections are taken care of at this stage. So, you can save your investment required for the final development.

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